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Three Reasons Your Restaurant Table Linens Aren’t Lasting

As a restaurateur, you understand that everything matters. Not only does great customer service and quality cuisine matter, but a good dining environment is also important. You can boost your efforts in this area by focusing on your table linens. If you have linens that stain easily and look worn, there are likely several mistakes you’re making that may contributing to the problem.

Failing To Prewash

When you order new table liners, avoid placing them directly on the table. Most restaurant quality liners come equipped with built-in stain fighting qualities that work to keep stains from penetrating deep within the fibers of the fabric.

However, in many instances, this feature needs to be activated and a prewash is often how this is achieved. For these liners, you need to first wash the fabric to lock in the stain fighting qualities. Prewashing will also help remove any residual dye that can bleed onto other fabrics, such as cloth napkins and cause permanent staining.

Forgetting To Starch

It’s always a great idea to starch your linens after each wash. Sure, starching does make fabric look better, but its benefits extend far beyond the aesthetic realm. Think of starch as an additional layer of protection. When applied correctly, starch creates an invisible covering over the fabric.

For minor stains, this barrier can help keep the stain from penetrating into the fibers, allowing you to more easily wipe or blot it away. If you have your linens cared for by a laundry service, make sure you aren’t overlooking this additional service to keep your fabrics in better condition.

Not Following A Regular Wash Cycle

Try to establish a wash cycle instead of waiting to wash your linens until they look visibly dirty. For instance, if you pay for a daily laundry service, don’t just send off the linens that look stained. Create a schedule by which all linens get washed regularly, such as every three days.

When it comes to table linens, wear doesn’t always come in the form of visible stains, such as red wine. Bacteria, light oil stains, fabric stretching and other concerns might be unnoticeable, but when allowed to fester, can cause significant damage. Regular washing creates somewhat of a reset process that helps maintain your fabrics.

How well you care for your table linens will be directly related to not only how well your table linens look, but also how long they last and how satisfied your customers are with their dining experience. Keep proper care in mind. Contact a company like Central Uniform & Linen Supply Company to learn more.