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Three Reasons Your Restaurant Table Linens Aren’t Lasting

Posted by on Nov 1, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Three Reasons Your Restaurant Table Linens Aren’t Lasting

As a restaurateur, you understand that everything matters. Not only does great customer service and quality cuisine matter, but a good dining environment is also important. You can boost your efforts in this area by focusing on your table linens. If you have linens that stain easily and look worn, there are likely several mistakes you’re making that may contributing to the problem. Failing To Prewash When you order new table liners, avoid placing them directly on the table. Most restaurant quality liners come equipped with built-in stain fighting qualities that work to keep stains from penetrating deep within the fibers of the fabric. However, in many instances, this feature needs to be activated and a prewash is often how this is achieved. For these liners, you need to first wash the fabric to lock in the stain fighting...

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