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3 Reasons Why You Need An Overhead Crane For Your Business

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If you own a construction business, you probably have a lot of equipment on hand at any point in time. From backhoes to cranes, the amount of equipment needed to get the task completed will vary from one job to the next. One of the most commonly used machines is that on an overhead crane. Because of its exceptional versatility, this machine can easily adapt to a variety of working environments. Don’t think you really need one of these machines in your capacity? Check out some of the reasons why you simply can’t do without it. Ability to Go Where Other Machines Can’t How many times have you been on the job and unable to maneuver from one place to the next? It can slow down the pace on the job and cost money in manpower waiting to get...

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What You Need To Know About Motor Oil

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Choosing the right motor oil can help protect the delicate parts inside your vehicle and keep it running for years to come. There are a number of factors that help determine what kind of motor oil you should use, including weather conditions, the age of your car, and what kind of oil your car was designed for. Here is a guide to give you some information on motor oil and make it easier to choose an oil. The Basics Of Motor Oil When you’re buying a motor oil, one of the first things you want to look for is the viscosity of the motor oil. Viscosity simply refers to how the oil will flow, and generally the lower the viscosity number, the faster it will flow.  The viscosity is usually broken down into numbers that you can find on...

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There Are Several Steps To Install An Electrical System

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Most buildings need to have some kind of electrical system. Installing that system is in the purview of electricians and electrical contractors. However, there is more to installing that electrical system than most people know. There are several steps involved in the process, and not all of them are actually done with wires and outlets.  Evaluating the Building The first part of the process is to look at the blueprints of the building to look at what it will look like. The electrical contractor who is looking at all the blueprints will be able to see what the electrical needs are, and be able to start designing the electrical system. Designing the Electrical System Once the electrician or contractor has access to the blueprints, they can start to design the building’s electrical system. For a large building, like a...

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3 Reasons Your Cylinder Seals Keep Failing

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Even if you are using high-quality cylinders in your hydraulic system, you must remember to monitor the smaller components of your system as well. Cylinder seals, for instance, are necessary to avoid leaks, and if you find that you need to keep replacing them, that can be serious.You need to get to the root of the problem so that you don’t have to keep delaying work and production. Here are three things that might be causing your seals to fail. Heat Hydraulic systems can reach very high temperatures when they are operating properly. Over time, this can cause your seals to need to be replaced. However, you can extend the life of your seals by seeking out heat-resistant seals. You can also call the manufacturers of your cylinders, whether it be Eaton PLC or another brand, to find out...

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